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::Z::The Monument ::Z::The Monument

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KEVIN ADVENTURE G says. . .(written 2007)

"I got my own u can say im a regular/ human being with scheme plans tidal cream in my dreams/ my jugular much like a chore hugs blood found laying on floors/ my stomach hurts when you tell me them stories of yours/ sacrificial wish you knew what sacrificial was cuz/ doing the crime hurting only myself / doing the time figuring out how i can get help/ suds/ a buzz from a dub in the cut/ little hoodies with love for my drug/ and the vehicle i strut/ no matter what this is what is willis/ becuz u feel this and most of my teachers were dealers"
"Cant you see your life slipping away when i sound right,/
get on this height/
Sober raise a toast to what i would consider a sober melon/
With army connections and god bless-ed felons/
Is it the people or the books that could be selling?/
are you jellin child?/
I would put thirty dollar jellies in my shoe if I have ta'........wrote that somewhere between 2005 & 2007 thats as far as i got listening to this beat. my taste for sure. Love your catalogue Z. Keep It Up!

Pennyless Pennyless

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feelings in yo sheyet

RoboTermination RoboTermination

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1stPshooter furr shurr

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KatMaestro responds:

Pew Pew!


Trap shit Trap shit

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Folds Folds

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its groovy.

[CR] Sue [CR] Sue

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just in time iron man. roll wit it.

S-Rock responds:

im rollin!


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nice S E O title.

S-Rock responds:

Thank you!

[S_Rock] Fine Line [S_Rock] Fine Line

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ScotRock you are a freakN assassin.

S-Rock responds:

Why thank you! I try to be man... I try.

War is Hell War is Hell

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Good Connect

From the beats of the best most unknown tested in the game of of minumum wage with stress this army take sound and streatch. Break away, build, take a breath and mesh, with a light skinned n***a like me, I'm hooked on flexing the phonics, where the other crunk stuff at S-Rock? I can tell that you got what it takes, but do you got what it takes when the biggest war in histroy takes place while my big brother got a MD 20/20 mixed with a sawn off on the rocks of this rock. I'm glad I ain't never touched bread crumb, glad I aint never touched a cracked lung, glad I'ma never hear a canon snap shot in my life that I'ma run from. Glad I got a holy book lesson when I was young. Be prepared for the very near war sure to come, in the name of of McCain or Obama, "Leave the BS at home" this Halloween flyer was rotten, I guarantee when The B's from the V to the A get up on stage its gonna be a lyrical slaughter meant to entertain. So I claim Hell-Nah, wont go to that game, I'm stuck in real life. While you test a caressed heartbeat trying to break a treasure chest so surreal like, I got the message bottled in a beer like, a maximun string pad playing with your fears like, GOD BLESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>get ready brother. It is soon. You're chosen.

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S-Rock responds:

God bless you and thank you. this is what I try to accomplish ^, (Inspiration)

MyNewSong MyNewSong

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The people have spoke.........

no joke; I got a mission that requires proper insurance for the higness of the mileage that be wearing on my tires as i'm blaring the sounds on a open road. Rolling silent when i encounter po-po,; rolling violent trying to scare the system into paying for the po-folk. Kevin is my name and my flesh is very limited. When i make it to my destiny I'll be thinking missionary with my apple bottom mary along with my currently my i dont know if she diseased or not sleezy business Gal my lady Juanique.; Best asset her buttcheek, But cuz I think I'm her best bet in her game of "ho herself out fisique" I asked the other night, whats the creep? She say two guys at one time with no money paid to me. so I grab beats and without telling 'em; tell the demons to stay away from me. Good job on the mind read dawg.

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